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Sunday, October 31, 2010

With wealth comes fat, China finds

 With wealth comes fat, China finds - LA Times.

Obesity becomes more common as the traditional diet of vegetables and rice is weighted down with meat, oil and sugary snacks. And why ride a bike when you can drive your car?

Dumplings is a term I have heard.  Another is little emperors.

I remember some cousins who came here from Taiwan who were super thin in High School.  And then they got Americanized and are not so super thin.

As stereotypes go it used to be that all Asians are short.  Yao Ming at 7 ft 6 inches destroys that one (Chinese NBA player).  Sounds like the next stereotype to go will be the ultra thin Chinese.

Diet and weight is a hard subject to write about because there is so much that is not known.  The human body seems to be designed to make losing weight hard.  And with cheap high calorie food it is so easy to gain weight as shown by the US.



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