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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

iPhone App. Fraud

I just found out that the Apple iPhone Application Store has at least one fraudulent app.

Yes, I know better...  Apple at this time does not allow Flash on the iPhone and iPad and I have followed the story.  I was hoping the app. was a work around.

I was getting lobbied to get the cool new iPad in my house to play Flash.  So I downloaded a 99 cent app.
Flash Video Review

Looks like lots of spam reviews for the app.  Most of the reviews are positive, but there are a lot of negative ones.  Apple may have put in, after I bought it a summary, of reviews that shows this.  First time I did not see the summary showing the 60 negative ones.  Next step is figure out how to notify Apple on this and see about a refund.  Yes, its only 99 cents but its the principal of it.



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