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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Business magazine names Rowland Heights state's top community

I live in Rowland Heights and its a surburban Chinatown.

Business magazine names Rowland Heights state's top community - SG Tribune

I am surprised that anyone would name it a top community.  Its not even a city, unfortunately.  I wonder how they measure job growth.  Percentage of people living in the city employed (probably), or actual jobs in Rowland Heights.  Rowland Heights is a bedroom community with a huge amount of Chinese Restaurants and Markets.  Traffic is a nightmare in the morning for commutes, unfortunately.  What they don't show you in the photos is the houses behind them (very controversial, the developer was suppposed to not build up to the ridgeline was the promise, but did anyway).

Bloomberg Businessweek focused its 2011 ranking on small cities, towns and villages based on cost of living, education, job growth and crime statistics



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