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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chinese Games For Kids

Here's Chinese games for kids to enjoy during your Chinese New Year program:
Chinese Game Da Fong Chui Chinese Game Eagle Chicken
Chinese Game Da Fong Chui that is similar to Simon Says
It is a type of chasing game where a Hen protects her baby chicks.  Teaches kids to work together.
Chinese Game L:uo Bo Dun Chinese Game Shan Dian Didi
Similar to Simon Says and is a great game that teaches Chinese as well a builds memorization skills
Chinese Game of tag with a few differences.  It is now a ghost, and you can be saved by saying Shan Dian DiDi
Dragon's Tail Choosing Order
Dragon's Tale Chinese Children Game Instructions
Traditional Game for Choosing Order (who goes first) Instructions in China
Games - Knife Hand (Taiwan Game) Chinese Rock Paper Scissors Game
Chinese Game Instructions for a type of tag played in Taiwan called Knife Hand.
Chinese Rock Paper Scissors Game Instructions
Chinese Tag Rubber Band Jumping Game
Tag, but with a twist. The person who is it has their eye's covered.
Rubber Band Rope (similar to Chinese Jump Rope) Game Instructions

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