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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Boxes are better for Shipping

Aargh!  I dislike processing returns.

2 done so far for CB. 

First one was in a priority envelope and damaged the spine of the book.

The other one was returned in a padded envelope and resulted in bent corners.

Books in both are not resellerable.

One time I ordered a book from Amazon who loves to ship using padded envelopes. Returned it twice due to damaged corners.  Then when I contacted customer service they just wanted to cancel the order.  I was shocked, since I still wanted the book.  Amazon after another contact from me where I expressed my shock (Amazon customer for 15 years) decided to resend the book to me.

Another time a customer sent back an order with no packing material.  And the cases on the CD's were broken.

Please send back books in a box!  That way I don't have to tell you why I can't refund you order.  I don't like to write those type of e-Mails...

Which is why all books for Childbook are sent out in boxes.  I will use a padded envelope for DVD's, but for books, a box is the best way to make sure the order gets there safely.  I have been lucky that I have had no customer complaints about damage for books, etc. due to packaging for 10+ years that I can remember.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up and sorry you have to deal with this.

Do you think you could add another flyer in each of your shipment box(another headache) in big bold font "RETURN POLICY-HOW TO SEND BACK ITEMS - PACKAGE ITEMS" in yellow canary paper or neon yellow paper so if people want to return stuff they have to 1) keep the box (don't throw it out yet until they are absolutely sure they want it
2) keep the packaging stuff (the bubble wrap)
3) keep the shipping invoice

Obviously, we want to keep your cost/price down (as a business owner) and hence our cost down too as a customer.

I am sure many people don't have any concept what people have to do to fulfill product orders.

March 17, 2011 at 11:40 AM  

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