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Monday, May 30, 2011

Elder Care

In then morning when I was taking my daughter to school I would often see Van's for Elder Care.  I am guessing this is unique in the US, to Chinese.  Basically the Van's pick up elderly people and drive them to a location where they are taken care of during the day.  Basically Baby Sitting, but for the elderly.  This way the parents can live with their children who work during the day, and at night they can be together.

I am guessing that the mainstream is the elderly live alone as long as possible, then go to a senior apartment/rest home.

My parents took care of my Grandmother till she died, and I am proud of that.  I can understand others who make different decisions.  Its hard, especially if dementia is involved.  My family visited an older friend of ours on Sunday, and it was sad to see how far she had gone mentally.  She asked about my ring, and she had forgotten she had gone to my wedding where I received the ring. 

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