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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Remedial Classes in California Colleges?

I am amazed by the amount of remedial classes required by college students in California.


90% of California Community College Students need remedial Math and 75% Remedial English.

30% of Freshman entering the UC System required remedial classes

25% of UCSD's Freshemen had to take a remedial class in writing - 

50% of CSU Freshmen in 2005 required remedial instruction in English or Math


More college students require remedial courses - The Press Enterprise (Feb. 9, 2011)

Remedial Writing and Collegiate Performance: Using Grader Failing Preliminary Paper

California Education Report Card, Pacific Research, 2007

Perfect GPA in high school – remedial class in college? - Higher Ed Morning.

Remedies tackle California’s remedial education program - ASIA Media Frontpage



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