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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Service Dog in School?

I have mixed feelings on this.

Autistic boy: School must let autistic boy may take service dog to class, judge rules - La Times

An autistic boy can take his Golden Retriever to school.  The dog helps calm him down. The parents had to sue to get permission for the dog to go with him to school.

I subbed a few Special Ed. classes and I understand the worry of the school on liability, as well as being practical.  Some students may be very afraid of dogs. And what if the dog bit somebody? 

Yes, Golden Retrievers are incredibly patient, and usually well behaved (except for slight chewing of a red pair of shoes, mustard yellow pair of shoes, two pairs of sandals, a piano book, and a few other items at my house).  I may be a bit biased since I have a Golden Retriever, my third one, and yes, he likes to chew.

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