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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding Adventure on Teaching Chinese

It's definitely an adventure to teach little kids (or not-so-little-ones) the Chinese language. Your first challenge is to keep each students interested, interested enough that they actually practice what you teach. Speak what they've learned and use words little by little until they are able to create or form simple sentences in Chinese. 

Music has always been an effective method of incorporating fun in learning. Chinese Children CDs are a great tool to learn the Chinese Language.  When you get into your car, pop in a CD for your child.
  •  Kids learn quickly when they repeatedly hear Chinese songs, or when they read a book along with a recording.
  • These Chinese songs are pleasant for kids and have good-quality audio.
  • The read-along stories make it easier for kids to learn sentences.  They can also practice reading Chinese as they follow the story being read in the CD.


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