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Friday, August 19, 2011

Chinese American Culture Teen Random Observations

Some very generic, random observations on Chinese American Teen's, vs. more mainstream culture in the US. 

And yes, there are lots of exceptions!
1. You know about the Alexandra Wallace's YouTube video.

2. You understand why if you can driving a Chinese market's parking lot, you can drive anywhere.

3. On career choices, you would rather be a pharmacist than a nurse.

4. You can imitate Russel Peter's accent for your friend's parents  from his skit Indian vs. Chinese

5. On career choices, you would rather be an Engineer than a technician.

6. Your focus more on academics than sports (your not expecting a sports scholarship).

7. Your play multiple instruments.

8. You took SAT Prep Classes

9. Your took your SAT multiple times

10. You took your SAT in your Junior year.

11. You took a tour of Ivy League Schools as a vacation.

12. In California, only UC's are acceptable, and not Cal States (even Cal Poly SLO).

13. You pick the school, and then the major.

14. Your parents take a huge amount of pride in which school you get accepted too.

15. Your parent attend college admission seminars.



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