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Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores

I am a big fan of good teaching, and technology is a tool that sometimes is helpful, and sometimes not. Having the right materials makes a huge difference, especially for Learning Chinese (which is why I try to have the right Learning Chinese materials that are actually interesting).  I am not anti technology, but I am pro being effective.  And yes, I am excited about what the iPad could do in the classroom :-)

Have I mentioned that the middle school my daughter went to is giving hp laptops to half of their eighth grade class.

Great article that I hope leads to more common sense in funding:
In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores - NY Times

And a great quote about using Technology for Education:

Phil's take: At $12 billion a year, digital technology in the classroom is primarily a business and secondarily a tool for learning. But, the way we know technology is not fundamental is not because test scores don't go up but because for thousands of years learning has been more about the human software - curiosity and the motivation to learn - than about the tools of the day.



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