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Monday, September 19, 2011

Road Rage if your a Princeling in China

The basic story is amazing.  15 year old son of a General, unlicensed driver of a BMW with a friend (18 year old, Audi Driver) assaults a husband and wife driver of a Buick who were too slow with their 5 year old daughter in the back.  Their car was blocked and the police were summoned.  The 18 year old may be the son (illigitimate) of the local police chief.  Lots of pictures which caused the son to get sentenced to a year in prison.

Famous Singer Li Shuangjian's Son Involved in Road Rage Assault - chinaSmack

Key Points:

1. Buick Driver would not let this case go.  They could have gotten money, instead they pressed for a conviction.
2. The Buick Driver represents the middle class (Buicks in China are not cheap, I would guess $20,000).
3. BMW had a fake license plate on it.
4. A 15 year old driving without a license!
5. The fact the 15 year old and his friend thought he could get away with this beating.
6. My bet this was quickly microblogged that caused this to be deal with fairly.  The pictures in the story came from some where.



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