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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jewish in China

My family went to the Skirball Cultural Center (1st weekend of the month you could get in free if you were a BofA customer), and in one of the exhibitions they mentioned Jewish in China that were in Kaifeng (decendents of Persian traders).  Something I was not aware of. 

And the LA Times just had an article

Chinese Jews feel more at home in Israel - LA Times
Descendants of Persian traders in Kaifeng, China, move to Israel with the help of a religious group and finally learn Jewish rules and traditions.

If you live in LA, I highly recommend going to the Skirball Cultural Center no matter you age.  The Noah Ark's exhibit, for example, is great for all ages.  Another exhibit on Jewish Magician's of the Golden Age is excellent (sad how little Magic has progressed, we saw many of the same tricks and props at a recent magic show..

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