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Monday, October 10, 2011

Linkedin Scammer

I got this E-Mail last night via LinkedIn:


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has sent you a message.

Date: 10/10/2011

Subject: Investment


I am a consultant and have at the moment, a client who seeks to invest his funds. Please, if you are interested in an investment opportunity, kindly send me an email on the below email address or give me a call ASAP.


I will be very glad to talk more with you in regards to this opportunity.

Strange E-Mail, that does not even name my type of business.

So I looked/Googled the E-Mail address as well as the telephone number.  The telephone number had been reported as a SPAM one, and I found another E-Mail on web that was the exact same.  Appears to be a 419 scammer, sigh.

I then documented all this up in an E-Mail and sent it off to report_spam@hotmail.com  and Microsoft closed the E-Mail account! Kudos to Microsoft for helping to make the Internet a slightly better place!

 I also reported it to LinkedIn, but no reponse yes (I clicked a button saying report Spam, which did not have the ability to give any details).

I deleted the name and E-Mail above, since I don't want any direct contact with the scammer or start a war with them. 

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