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Monday, November 28, 2011

China to Cancel College Majors That Don’t Pay

China to Cancel College Majors That Don’t Pay - WSJ

One of the complaints about China's government reducing funding of majors that have an oversupply of graduates, is this may increase false reporting of market demand. In the US, this has already happened with law degrees and other programs with high pressure on rankings being accused of fraud.  From the reporting of Employement Data, to testing scores. I still have a bit of anger over what was reported for my graduate program for salaries and employment before I started.

In the US, some law schools due to the pressure of rankings, have been very creative on reporting employment information. Three students in the US are actually sueing their alma mater for fraud in the employment reporting - Dear Prospective Law Students, Do Not "Reasonably Rely" on Cooley's "Report One"



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