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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Abandoned Shopping Carts in Rowland Heights

Some jerk is abandoning shopping carts around where I live.  I have called on 3 of them so far, 2 picked up. Once in front of my house that got picked up.  Now there is another I have called twice on in front of my house. Stater Brothers is the one currently in front of my house.  I also had to call twice on another on Pepperdale that got picked up, finally. I am surprised nobody else is calling on these.

I also called on the others I have seen, at one time there were 5 abandoned carts within 4 blocks of my house. 

I just found their web page.

And they also have an iPhone app. May be I will download that.  My guess is it's one person, a FOB, who lives in a house that is being rented by the room, in the area. The shopping carts dropped off form a circle around this house.



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