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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Chinese Solar Machine

Good article about Solar Cell manufacturing in China, which is very relevant now with the over supply in the solar cell market and bankruptcies. Everyone was focused on exporting to Europe, which has reduced their incentives for solar, resulting in a glut of production without buyers.

Great comment:

The Chinese government did not INVEST in solar, they went on a mad drunken irresponsible spending spree, with obvious long term financial consequences for everyone.

Profits of a durable nature are not the end result of overspending, of massive incomprehensible overcapacity. Decimation of profits for everyone is the inevitable result of irresponsible overbuilding of capacity.

The Chinese Solar Machine - MIT Technology Review

Chinese manufacturers have ­dominated the international ­market for conventional solar ­panels by ­building bigger ­factories faster. Now they will need to ­innovate to maintain their lead.

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