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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Changing Face Of America's Chinatowns

B- article.

The Changing Face Of America's Chinatowns - NPR

  1. Kids who grew up here and went to college, are moving to the suburbs (like Flushing).
  2. Chinatowns continue to attract more recent immigrants.
  3. I question how many residents of Chinatown are "Sea Turtles"
  4. Cost in the Chinatowns is making them less attractive for living.
  5. Suburban Chinatowns offer jobs and services which traditionally were only found in the urban Chinatowns. I live in Rowland Heights, a surburban Chinatown with my in-laws, and we rarely visit the LA Chinatown. Our Chinese restaurants are as good, or better than anything in Chinatown. We have 5 Chinese supermarkets within 2 miles of my house. And its a nicer place to live and do business.



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