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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Despite strong Kindle sales, Amazon's fourth-quarter disappoints

Despite strong Kindle sales, Amazon's fourth-quarter disappoints - Amazon

The other day I was listening to a local radio station that had discussion on Amazon. Quality of comment varied, even from the guest speakers from great, to clueless. Does Amazon want to burn the book business?  KPCC

My thoughts (as a competitor, customer, and seller of Amazon):
  1. As the Economist said, people love going to a physical book store, but they don't like buying there.
  2. Amazon is like an Octopus with many legs. They are very innovative and agressive. They are pushing in all directions. Some failures, but a lot of successes.
  3. Books are not being used a loss leader at Amazon.
  4. Print on demand may chance the economics of book selling (Amazon is also big in this)
  5. Amazon publishing - what do they have to lose?
  6. The current book business of printing lots of books, where 40% of books is pulped is ripe for a revolution.
  7. Amazon through the Kindle offers instant gratification. Very powerful force.
  8. The closed formats of e-readers is frustrating.
  9. If your a competitor of Amazon and your not worried, start worrying.
  10. The buying experience online for a book is often much better than a physical bookstore. Reviews are a huge advantage for online sales
  11. Amazing the super low margins Amazon has, and no sales tax!
  12. Having to charge sales tax could have a huge negativer impact on Amazon, in CA almost 10% more to their price.
  13. I have been a customer of Amazon since 1997, and its been interesting to watch how they have evolved. I started ChildBook in 1998. I still appreciate the two travel cups I got sent by Amazon back in 98 or 99. Unfortunately they were not dishwasher safe and finally got too damaged.

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