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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introducing Your Child to the Chinese Language

Learning Chinese is a good idea, whether you come from Chinese ancestry or not. Chinese is the most spoken language all over the world, and a booming country for business.

Learning Better Chinese
My First Chinese Exercises Set, Simplified Chinese
Our Price: $17.95
(3 reviews)

Kids can Learn Chinese sentences in no time!

with this Workbook and accompanying bookset (sold separately)
  • Uses word games and fun exercises
  • Reinforces previous lessons as children progress to the next lessons
  • Companion to the My First Chinese Words books

To adults, learning Chinese will sound complicated and difficult. But for children, whose minds are like a sponge, a new language is the same as learning about a new topic in school. Plus, there are so much new materials available, like an interactive Chinese textbook for kids.

My First Chinese Word-Book, Simplified Chinese
My First Chinese Word-Book, Simplified Chinese
List Price: $45.99
Our Price: $24.99
You save $21.00!
(1 review)

  • Book includes words and expressions in Pinyin and Simplified Chinese
  • Great for young international Chinese language learners
  • With 40 fun topics to learn

The best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it. Give your child a Chinese comic book and a few learning videos. You can also converse in the language regularly if your family speaks Chinese. And during down times, do worksheets from Chinese textbooks that would hone your child’s comprehension.

The Pipi's Go for a Picnic (Wo Xihuan Series), Simplified, Softcover.  36 pages
The Pipi's Go for a Picnic (Wo Xihuan Series), Simplified, Softcover. 36 pages
Our Price: $3.95

The Pipi's Go for a Picnic (Wo Xihuan Series), Simplified, Softcover
The Pipi's go for a picnic, only to find they've already eaten all the food before they get to their destination.

With Chinese character writing exercise at the end.  Focus on learning the radical for : Hand

The Wo Zhen Bang Series is for little kids ready to learn to read and write Chinese characters. These amusing stories feature a writing exercise of radicals in the end.  After your child goes through the entire series, your child will be able to master around 20 Chinese characters with little effort.

Looking for a Chinese textbook for kids shouldn't difficult, it's actually quite easy. You can go and try out your local library if they have any in stock or better yet, buy them online. There are many websites catering to Chinese children's books for sale and the choices of books are many. So why not go online and introduce your child to the Chinese Language.


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