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Friday, October 19, 2012

RIP American Supermarkets in Rowland Heights?

The history of American Supermarkets in Rowland Heights

Vons that was Colima near Fullerton is a Chinese supermarket - Hawaii Supermarket I think.

Vons that on Azusa and Colima is now a 99 Market.

Albertson's on Azusa and Colima is closing.

Gemco became a 99 Market

The Alpha Beta that was on Nogales and Colima is now a Green Supermarket.

There is another Korean market at Brea Canyon and Colima, I don't remember what it was.

The Albertson's at Colima and Fairway is closing.

The Stater Brothers that was at Nogales across from Nogales High School is now a Food Mart.

The only American supermarket left in the area is Stater Brothers at Colima and Fairway.

What is causing this? My guess a combination of Costco, Target, and WalMart getting into the grocery business, along with the huge growth of Chinese markets in the area, and changing demographics.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Supermarket is also opening in your hometown Monrovia. The new Chinese community or just feeding off from Arcadia?

October 21, 2012 at 8:38 PM  
Blogger Ray Ritchey said...

Thanks! I missed that. http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/business/ci_20681976/hong-kong-supermarket-open-monrovia

My guess is that shopping center is more focused on Arcadia, since it's right on the border. My wife's brother lives about 2 blocks from there. Lots of mansions just South of that plaza in what is Arcadia and Arcadia school district.

Monrovia is going through changes, as the Elk's Lodge on Acacia and Foothill is now a Budhist Temple, and across the street from Clifton Middle School is the Tzu Chi foundation. Wang's palace has been in Monrovia a long time, and is more American style Chinese food.

October 22, 2012 at 11:11 AM  

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