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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seeking Answers On Chinese Nuke Tunnels

Is it a really good idea to make it so their land based nuclear missiles are vunerable? What China has done is create a huge network of tunnels, and plays a shell game. Similar to what the US MX missile was supposed to do.

The US has a nuclear Triad of Land, Sea, and Air. China basically has only land. With current technology, the sea based leg of the US nuclear triad is considered the safest. China at this time does not have a reliable nuclear submarine fleet with an ICBM capability - but they are working on it.

A fact that is often not know by many, China has a very large and modern nuclear capability. And as with dominos, the competition between China-India, and India-Pakistan in nuclear weapons is making for a scary world - all three are nuclear powers, and are expanding their aresenals dramatically.

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