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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

College Essays - Another viewpoint

If your child is doing the dreaded College Essay, you understand this article way too well. I still have vivid memories of my daughter's essays. The essays are a necessary evil, and if you understand the real goal, of making your child stand out, you are far ahead of thers. The key is figuring out what matters, and what would sound cliche. There are so many cliche essays. Cliche Essasys such as the travel essay, where your life was changed by visiting XYZ country, the Dead Cat Essay, and the music is your life essay. Your essay is like a resume, it will be quickly scanned for a person looking for reasons to turn you down, and if its good, then read slower. The person reviewing it usually has a huge stack of essays, and it becomes a process of elimination.

The article / editorial has a different slant on college essays.

College Essays Make Kids Stupid and Selfish - Bloomberg



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