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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bubble Tea toxic fears in Taiwan?

Unfortunately another food scandal in Taiwan. It seems nothing changed from the last time there was a food scandal. 312 tons of starch, used to make the bubbles / tapioca has been confiscated so far. Malaysia and Singapore have imposed bans.

Bubble Tea Under Threat from Toxic Fears in Taiwan - China Real Time Report - WSJ

A letter from the Taiwan US embassy equivalent to the WSJ:

Bubble Tea Will Be Safe Once More - WSJ

More details on what the history of this and what is being done. What is strange is this has been going on for at least 10 years, may be over 40 years. I don't understand how this could have been allowed to go on for so long. And it involves 21 suppliers. And the focus just seems to be on this one chemical, but what else is out there?

Taiwan food vendors must certify they don't use banned chemical | South China Morning Post

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