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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

85 Degrees C - A Chinese Bakery?

85 Degree's C has become the favorite Chinese Bakery for my family. Driving there we pass at least 10 other bakeries. So why?

Yes, We still occasionally stop at NiNi Bakery, it's closer and a bit lower price than JJ Bakery.

85 Degree C my guess is 4X the size of the typical Chinese Bakery, and has 10X the business.

So what makes 85 Degree C Different?
  • Staff that speaks English
  • Non Chinese speaking on staff
  • Fresh Bread - Think Hot Donuts from Krispy Cream
  • Non Traditional Chinese Baked Goods
  • Selling of Drinks - Think Lolicup or even Star Bucks.
  • Video Screen with top selling items
  • Delicious pastries with recipes created by Top Chefs
  • Unique baked goods
  • Targeting of Non Chinese areas
85 Degree C just opened  a location in Gardena, which surprised me. Currently they have locations in Irvine, Rowland Heights, Covina, Chino Hills, and now Gardena. There is a Chinese population in Torrance area (look for the top school districts). But, 85 Degree C seems to be moving out of Chinese areas.

Usual Chinese Bakeries:
  • Chinese Staff
  • Staff often has poor English Skills
  • Me too Baked Goods
  • Don't sell Drinks
If I was a traditional Chinese Bakery, I would be very afraid of the success 85 Degree C is having. Traditionally, the advantage for Chinese Bakeries in the US has been location.

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