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Thursday, February 12, 2015

ebooks - Will there be a 2nd hand market?

Will there be a 2nd hand market for books?

What happens with inheritance with iTunes and Kindle Books? Are they then gone?

Can books be loaned? On the Kindle, its up to the author.

With physical books, the answers are easy. With eBooks, not so easy. With e-Books, the product does not degrade with use, as a physical book does.

And what happens when a device ends, with all the eBooks that only worked with that device? Will the Nook be around in a couple of years? What of the books on the Kobo, that Borders was pushing?

DRM, Digital Rights Management, a fancy word for copy protection is used on many e-books, and makes managing  moving books around a headache. I have heard, there is third party software to remove DRM, but what a headache.

Secondhand Downloads: Will Used E-Books and Digital Games Be for Sale? - Bloomberg Business

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