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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming Chinese Coup & History

An interesting read, that took a while to read as I researched all the names mentioned. As I was reading the article, I realized how little I know of Chinese history. The past 150 years are full of tragedy.

The Coming Coup in China
Sulmaan Khan

I disagree with the conclusion of the article. It does give a different view of China, that I can see.

Names that were mentioned in the article, that I would go read up on. So many of their fates are just tragic. One family was killed, including children. Another imprisoned for 50 years. 

Yuan Shikai
Hong Xiuquan
Zhang Xueliang
Yang Hucheng
Peng Dehuai
Lin Biao

This picture captures the tragedy, Peng Dehuai:

Note, some of the Wikipedia articles may have a political bias.



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