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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coyotes of Rowland Heights

Coyotes of Rowland Heights

On my way to work, I took these pictures. In the past week, I have had 4 Coyote encounters. 3 of them within a block of my house, and 1 of them next to an elementary school. Only one of the Coyote encounters was at night. The most recent one was of two coyotes. See pictures below.

I also saw 4 missing dog flyers. They varied from a Poodle, to a chocolate lab, to a Golden Retriever. I"ll post them after I remove the phone numbers.

Last year a lady with her husband first put up flyers, and then went door to door asking about her small dog. I felt very sad for her.

I called Animal Control, and per the lady who answered the phone they don't do trapping anymore. I then called my supervisors office, who got a call back for me that was a lot more helpful. It seems there is one trapper for all of LA County, and they only trap coyotes that are high priority. He was very nice and sent me some brochures on what can be done.He mentioned they even have Coyotes in Compton. My guess, if their are attacks on people, things will change quickly. This time of year Coyotes give birth, so they have extra mouths to feed. Plus the drought. And cities offer food and water (pools).

The undertone I got from speaking with the person, is they are very afraid a coyote caught in their trap will get on the nightly news as be used a cause celebre by animal rights.

When I googled Rowland Heights Coyotes, I read there was an attack last year in Hacienda Heights. And that Coyotes can jump over 8 ft fences. The Coyote attack killed a dog, injured another while the owner, a Mother and her daughter were in their back year. They set up a go fund me page for the $2,000 of vet bills. Vets, like Doctors, are not cheap.

A facebook page I found from Fullerton, called Coyote Watch and their blog.

Our cat, that adopted us about 2 years ago, was last seen a week ago. My guess is a Coyote got her. The advice I got was don't let our dog or cat out at night. She was a mix of outdoor /indoor cat, so we let her out whenever she wanted to go. We were very lucky to have her as part of our family.

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