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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Customer Service and PR

Kmart made a major public relations mistake when they treated an accident of putting shoes in the wrong box badly with a Wall Street Journal Reporter. Just another reason businesses should treat customers as you want to be treated. So many businesses are making it so hard to get good customer service to cut costs. They put you through these phone systems that make it almost impossible to get a real person, have you enter your account information, then when you finally get a real person ( gethuman.com is a great web site if the 0 and * don't work), and make for a frustrating customer experience. I remember when Amazon stopped for a while doing phone support (they do a little now), and most got outsourced to overseas. One issue I went through 5 rounds of communications with lots of prewritten snippets until I found Jeff Bezos E-Mail and his secretary had the problem fixed. What businesses forget as they focus so much on cost cutting is customers do have a choice, so it's great business to treat your customers right! Nice thing is ChildBook is a small business that provides great service.



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