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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exposing Children to Chinese Culture

My daughter is mixed, so she has interesting identity issues :-)

Exposing My Daughter to Chinese Culture
I have worked very hard to expose my daughter to Chinese in the US. For a project for 5th grade she did a Joss House Weaverville Model Project instead of the usual California Mission. She was graded on the landscaping (it took a lot more time than planned including my parents,
me, and my Father in law as well as blueprints we got and a video).

For another grade the project had to do with the Wyoming Massacre in Rock Springs where some 28 Chinese Miners were killed in 1885. She also got lots of the Lawrence Yep books (he does a great job for Middle Schoolers of writing of the Chinese American experience). Since my wife is from Taiwan, we also celebrate the Chinese Holidays. We also visited Angel Island and a few Chinese Museums in the US that should be on this page Chinatowns of the United States.

On vacation, we also visit the local Chinatowns which include so far London, NY, LA, SF, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington DC, and Boston. Usually a good place to get a nice meal at a fair price, or at least a nice bakery :-) My family also goes to local festivals, which is part of the reasons I make up those lists of events for Chinese Festivals such as Moon Festival, Chinese New Year, DragoPublish Postn Boat Races, etc. because it's frustrating to find out the week after a local event.

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