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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Demographics in China

Article from the LA Times Will an aging population defang China? Basic point of the article is China is growing older because of the one child policy which in the future will impact economic growth.

A point that I believe will be challenging in the future will be the lack of females in China, India, and Korea due to abortions because of sex testing. From an economic sense where females are required to provide dowries and become part of the grooms families, this makes a lot of sense when boys provide a form of Social Security. Will there be an increase in violence in those countries due to this? I wonder what Dr Satoshi Kanazawa thinks. He also has a new book out. He has written some fascinating papers such as Engineers Have More Sons, Nurses Have More Daughters: An Evolutionary Psychological Extension of Baron-Cohen's Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism and Its Empirical Implications. Hmm, so I have an Engineering background, I am pretty empathetic, and have a daughter. What does that say about me based on his research :-)



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