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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Building Strong Self Confidence

Some ideas on how to increase Self Confidence in your child:

1. Have them take acting classes. A play my daughter was in had a boy who was taking classes, and he had excellent presence and was even part of the adult play. By being part of a class children learn how to control their body language (a great skill), how to project, stand, and more. There is usually a performance at the end of the class where your child gets to be in front of an audience. The class is meant to be fun for your child and not a chore. Here is some advice I found on how to pick a class.

2. Have them join Girl or Boy Scouts. Lots of group activities and chances to be leaders. Not all troups are created equal, but check around.

3. Find something your child is good at and focus on that. The goal is to make it fun for your child and make it a habit to participate in. Habits are built by doing actions repititively, and it takes time.

4. Have them take some type of Martial Art so they feel more comfortable with themself.

5. Talk to them (teach them) about peer pressure and get feedback from their teacher how your child interacts with other children. If new to a school, pack trading goods (extra stuff in your child's lunch) to break the ice with other children.

6. Singing Lessons. Again teaches how to project, good posture, and should be fun.

7. Watch your child on how they interact with other children.

8. Avoid negative self talk. A book I enjoyed reading to my daughter was The Little Engine That Could who said, I-think-I-can!

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