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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Angel Island - Ellis Island for Chinese

I have wanted to carry a book about Angel Island and I finally tracked some down. Laurence Yep is coming out with another one early next year. Angel Island was the Ellis Island on the West Coast for Chinese Immigrants and ran for about a 100 year. Pretty Island in the San Francisco bay that you can get to from Tiburon via Ferry (yes, I spotted the mistake on the E-Mail which in one version was right). >There is a ferry from Sausalito to the Island. The barracks are closed for renovation and open in 2008. I found out about Angel Island from a play called Paper Son that if you get a chance should go to see. There is so much history of the Chinese in the US that is often hidden. Of the two books I carry, I like Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain. Lots of nice pictures. Angel Island Prisoner 1922 is very vivid and powerful (and on sale for $7.50) in Chinese and English, but little pictures.


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