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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Special Education - The balance

Special Education is a legal nightmare from what I can see. In my opinion, courts are making decisions that is making it challenging for schools on how to allocate money. The problem is legislatures are happy to pass on this hot potato of an issue to the courts which do the best they can based on the existing laws. This may not be best for the children, but that is not the courts mission, their job is to interpret the laws. Interesting article When Should Taxes Pay Private Tuition? about a parent who is suiing so a public school district will pay the private tuition for his child to go to a private school (his child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other learning disabilities). Here is one from Google News Special Education: When Should Taxes in case the first link requires a subscription. In my experience subbing, Special Education Classes was usually a good experience and a pleasant change from classes where the kids were deliberately trying to give you a bad day.

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