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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Museum Exhibits

Today I took my daughter to see the Dead See Scrolls in San Diego a 2 hour drive from my home. Logistically, it was a pain with our busy schedule. What I believe made it worth my family's time to see these "pieces of paper" was that it exposed my daughter to a once in a lifetime chance to see parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls from both Jordan and Israel. We also saw the King Tut exhibit. There was a lecture before hand since this was through my CGU's Alumni Association that arranged this. Lecture was great both for content and just watching how it was delivered by a Professor from CGU (and I am a CTM in Toastmasters and done some teaching). This trip was a great history lesson that I am sure she will remember and after we discussed it to further her understanding. A teaching technique to maximize the experience, since part of a parents job is to be a teacher. Science Museums are something I enjoy going to with my daughter - I wish Los Angeles had something the level of the Exploratorium.I appreciate my parents taking me to see special exhibits such as King Tut the first time it came to the US, the Saudi Exhibit, one by Russia, and one of the Terra Cotta Warriors. It's great to give your child the chance to grow with outside the class room activities.



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