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Friday, September 28, 2007


Interesting article about the tunnels under what was a Chinatown in Fresno California. It just shows how widespread the Chinese presence was in California historically. Here is my list of current Chinatowns in the US and Canada and a good book on Chinatowns. The book, Exploring Chinatown, a Children's Guide to Chinese Culture has a huge amount of information in it about the Traditional Chinatowns, which were more like Ghetto's. Chinatowns have changed in the US with the changes in the immigration law, with new ones being created such as Las Vegas where it's a shopping center. The huge growth of the Chinese population in California since the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was ended during WW2 (China was an Ally) and the changes to immigration laws in the 1960's. Asian's now make up 15% of California with 1 Million of them per the 2000 census being Chinese. Good article on the Chinese in California, I did not realize that the Chinese population in California at one point dropped 50% because of all the discrimination (which is why you have Chinatowns in Chicago and other places outside of California).


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