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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Racism Against Chinese Outside the US

In a previous post I had created a timeline of racism against Chinese in the US. Racism against Chinese in other countries does exist. In Malaysia racism against Chinese is part of the system and created a culture of entitlement among ethnic Malays. There is a quota system in the universities as well as in government hiring and in 1969 there were some nasty anti-Chinese riots. Chinese are 26% of the population, and Indian 8%. There was an Ethnic Chinese Communist dominated insurgency in the 1950's that the British defeated. Currently, the Chinese dominate business, while the Malaysians the government.

1998 was just the most recent anti-Chinese rioting/pogrom in Indonesia. Chinese make up 3% of the population, or 7 Million, but they dominate business. In Indonesia there was also an insurgency 1965-1966 (or perhaps more of a side affect of a coup) that was ruthlessly put down with mass killings of Chinese. They were also not allowed to own businesses, in rural areas and many immigrated because of their was citizenship restricted.

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