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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chinese - Most Beautiful Language?

Mandarin is the most beautiful language in the world, she declared, and is set to overtake English to become the new international language.
"Everyone is learning Mandarin today because they want to do business with China, and everyone who knows Mandarin must be proud to use it," she claimed.

From an article in a New Zealand Paper.

The question would be with which Chinese Accent? Since the person was from Beijing, I would guess in her opinion it would be the Beijing Accent. But some people prefer the Taiwan accent since it's softer and seen by some as trendier. The official language in China is standard Mandarin, which is what would be considered Beijing accent, but not the old Beijing accent (confused yet). Wikipedia article that has a good map. There is a bit of controversy over who makes better Chinese tutors due to differences in standard Chinese accent and Beijing accent.



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