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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get Ahead - Learn Chinese

Some thoughts I am working on:

Why Learn Chinese?
English is the number one language being learned in the world and widely used in business. But Chinese is rapidly becoming the other must have language. Time Magazine noted that many people believe, if you want to get ahead, Learn Mandarin Chinese. Per British linguist David Gaddol. "In many Asian countries, in Europe and the USA, Mandarin has emerged as the new must-have language". Kids have an incredible ability to learn Languages at a young age per many studies, and schools are teaching kids at younger and younger ages.

ChildBook.com helps kids learn Chinese by

Why do parents want their kids to learn Chinese?
1. Chinese is the language of the 21st century
2. Being competitive
3. China is becoming more and more important
4. Business Opportunities in China.
5. Not being left behind
6. China will be an integral part of world economy.
7. Increase economic of China. China's Economic Rise.
8. Understanding Chinese Culture
9. Learning their own culture (if of Chinese Descent).
10. Chinese is the new, must have language per this Get Ahead - Learn Chinese - Title of an article in Time Magazine.
12. Kids have an incredible ability to Learn a foreign language.

My own writings: Why Learn Chinese?



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