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Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Chinatown - Rowland Heights

A local Christian School in Rowland Heights, Southlands Christian School, is going to move and sell the property to a developer that is proposing to put apartments in there. More evidence of changing demographics. The area has changed to a mostly Asian (Chinese and Korean) plus a bit of everything else, while the church has not. There are so many Asian Churches in the area (see map that gives some clue - I did a search on churches around Rowland Heights).

It's a nice school, unfortunately they have not successfully adopted to the changing demographics and are moving because of it to another area. translation, the property has gone up a huge amount, the church members are for the most part no longer local, and why not move and use the money from the sale.

There is a shortage of apartments in the area, so many younger adults will rent a room in a house in the local area. Going rate I understand is $600 per room.

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