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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fat epidemic hits Asian kids, too

From the Orange County Register Fat epidemic hits Asian kids, too

Key Points from the article:
  • Asian American families tend to be less physically active, more home-oriented and more screen-oriented than other groups
  • Asian teens consume more fast food than their white counterparts
  • Asian and Pacific Islander children compared to other ethnic and racial groups are also least likely to get their daily portions of fruits and veggies
  • Overweight Asians develop diabetes and other chronic diseases at lower thresholds of obesity.
An additional problem becomes peer pressure. When the kids want to fit in, so they demand junk food. I remember once when I was growing up at an Asian friends house, a friend's mother had cooked something really nice (the mother is an A+ cook). And the younger brother wanted McDonald's. Another problem is a lot of Chinese Fast Food, is really not very Chinese. Many dishes are deep fried and add a sweet sauce to them.

Another issue not mentioned in the article is how some Chinese parents like to have fat kids. They are cuter and seen as healthier. Not to mention the issue of single children from China, the little emperors and empresses that are spoiled by the entire family.

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