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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chinese Zodiac

A new book I am carrying is Animals In The Stars - Chinese Astrology For Children by Gregory Crawford. The illustrations are well done as are the descriptions on each page. It's nice to see a dragon done right. There is a page for each of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and also goes over the story of the Zodiac (why Rat is first). The only minor suggestion would have been explaining how the Chinese Calendar actually is a lunar calendar, so the first day of it is not the same as the Gregorian Calendar which is what most people use. So for this year for example,Chinese New Year is on February 7th. So if have a child who is born February 6th in 2007, they are actually still in the Year of the Pig. My wife for example is still the same sign as I am in the Chinese Zodiac, even though we are born in different years of the Julian Calendar. Calendar of Dates for the Chinese Zodiac.

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