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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dress Product Photo's

Mini one day vacation today with my family. At the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro somebody was doing children's clothes shots. Beautiful shots! Cost a pretty penny too.

There were 5 models, all toddlers with their mothers, an RV (clean changing area, place to eat, looked expensive). Camera crew, light reflectors. My guess on cost is around $1000 per hour.

Having the right photographs is so important for products. For ChildBook.com that sells Learning Chinese books, music, and video's that pretty easy. Just scan the product. Of course when the item is too big for scanning, then it's time to get the camera out. Such as for the Chinese Harry Potter Book set. I usually do two images (front and back) of products for ChildBook.com

For EliteDresses that sells Girl's Dresses at discount prices, learning photography was challenging. My wife started on eBay taking photographs which was great training! She takes multiple images of a girl's dress so the buyer knows exactly what they are getting. The Girl's red/burgundy sleeveless formal dress is a great example. She did photo's for the girl's dress for the front, back, close up of the flower belt (detachable), and of the flower on the shoulder. For the lilac girl's dress (great for Easter), my wife took 6 pictures.

Another challenge with Girl's Dresses is getting the color just right. So a red dress looks like a red dress - I mean Gil's Burgundy the green girl's dress the right color green - I mean sage, and the purple girl's dress (oops I mean Lilac) the right color. Lighting is key! It is so hard over the phone to explain what shade of sage a dress is. And it does vary with lighting, so what you see in an office with fluorescents, will look differently outside in natural light.

Then there is the names of colors. I just don't get it. Dark Red is Burgundy. Light Green is Sage. Lilac is purple. And then the shades! Scanning Chinese Books is so much easier than girl's dresses. And then the girl's Chinese Dresses, also called Qipao or cheongsam.

The headache for taking photo's for the Chinese Girl's Dresses is the fabric is shiny due to the satin fabric! This can cause reflections. This red girl's Qipao photo's are good with four product photo's including closeups showing the frog buttons and mandarin collar,



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