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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Long March Revisisted

LA Times has an article China's reality check on Long March

Key Points:
  • Historians inside and out of China are examining the Long March and some of their research is contradicting the official version.
  • The march may not have been heroic as the official history portrays. Purges, miles traveled, mistakes are all issues with the official version.
Challenges of knowing what is true in history. I remember reading when I was small a story of a Soviet sniper and a dual with a German one in Stalingrad, and I recently found out it was all Soviet propaganda.

Relevant Link:

Chinese History Books for Children

  • Zheng Le who may have discovered American before Columbus
  • Chinese Inventions from gunpowder to the printing press
  • Chinese immigration to Gold Mountain (America) in 1840's
  • Building of the Transcontinental Railroad



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