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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oil in Chinese Food

Good read - Chinese Food: A Wok On The Wild Side has information on the calories and sodium in Chinese food found in US restaurants. Traditionally, Chinese food does not use a lot of oil. The reason is oil costs. NY Times article about how increases in oil used for cooking is affecting the poor worldwide. In the US, oil for cooking is relatively cheap so most Chinese Restaurants use lots of oil in cooking. It's easier for cooking and traditionally, it's a sign of wealth. If you have the industrial Wok Food Burner (much bigger than a regular stove), food is quickly cooked resulting is less oil absorption. Chinese houses will often have a separate room for cooking with huge powerful fans. My in-laws brought over from Taiwan a burner for use in cooking so they get enough heat.

A standard cooktop may be up to 14,000 BTU, where one made for Chinese Cooking may be up to 30,000+ BTU. I am finding commercial ranges that go up to 50,000 BTU.

Chinese Food Related Products:

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