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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Product Reviews - So Helpful

Product Reviews - So helpful! I hope I can get more. For some reason, it's hard to get customers to do reviews for Childbook.com (most sites have this issue I have noticed, which is probably why unless you are a super large site, most sites just don't bother with reviews).

A product that I have been selling for two years, finally got it's first review yesterday (actually two).

The Great Voyage of Zheng He, Bilingual Book - Nice book about a famous Chinese Admiral. Great English, Chinese, and Pictures. Not to mention the story.

Beautiful artwork and enjoyable story
Reviewer: MMBaillie
I was looking for a book to reinforce language studies that would be appropriate for my college age son. He has been studying beginning Mandarin and I was very happy to find this Chinese Character/English bilingual book. My son loves history and he said he was able to recognize many of the characters in the book. I was pleased with the beautiful artwork and I enjoyed the story as well.Was this review helpful to you?

good history book
Reviewer: Gary from Phoenix
I bought this book because I want to learn more about the Chinese heroes (real people, not legend). The book is in English and Chinese, both myself and my son can read it.



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