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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Special Ed for Chinese Students

Boston Globe article on Special Ed. having a lower amount of Chinese students in it as a percentage. The reason given was parents were parents not knowing about the resources available and cultural. Basically the article was assuming that more students should be in Special Ed. who are ethnic Chinese in Boston. Assumptions are dangerous things to make. A question not asked, are other racial groups over represented in Special Ed. in Boston, if so, why? The special ed classes I have been in have had ethnic Chinese in them, so I am not sure about the chinese cultural issue. Parents do like to compete on whose kid is doing super good in school, and going to what A+ college. The amount of Grades, Study Skills, and College Admission Books shows that, as is the interest in them (which is why I am selling them, as well as reading them).

The parents I have met want to do the best for their kids, no matter what. I have seen it where boys are sometimes favored a bit more than a girl in a family. When older, sometimes only the sons get an inheritance and the daughter don't.



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