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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Darfur and China

Olympics near, China bends on Darfur - Los Angeles Times

China's relation with Sudan (the country the Darfur area is part of) is a challenge. On the one hand Sudan supplies oil that China needs and buys arms and other imports from China. From an economic prospective, this is win win. From a public policy prospective, China's relationship to a the Sudan regime that is having a lot of nasty things happen to people in Darfur is not good, as China works on having the best image possible with the Beijing Olympics. The result has been Steven Spielberg resigning from artistic direction of the 2008 summer games and bad press for China.

Today, China appears to be going on a charm offensive to show how they are actually working on helping the situation in Darfur. From what I have read, privately China has tried to help the situation in Darfur. China does have politic/ideologic constraints on what they can do in Darfur.



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