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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Symbology of Chinese Colors

Everyone knows that Red in Chinese is a good luck color. Colors of China by Shannon Zemlicka is a nice book that shows this. In European Color Symbology, the color red as symbolized in Red Riding Hood has a slightly different meaning. My wife put together a nice listing of the Symbolic meanings by Chinese of Colors by EliteDresses.com

But what do other colors symbolize in Chinese?
  • Purple symbolizes wealth and winter.
  • Blue is a boys and of immortality.
  • Yellow is a royal color.
  • Red is of good luck and power since it's the color of Fire.
  • White is the end, color of mourning.
  • Black is the beginning, so a color of youth
  • Green - Harmony
  • Gold - Wealth and Strength




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