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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Land of Opportunity - China?

For a new generation, land of opportunity may lie in China, not the US - Article from the NY Times via IHT.

Interesting article.

Key Points:
  • 500 US public schools offer Mandarin with 3000 students taking the AP test for Chinese.
  • 40 million people worldwide are learning Mandarin
  • 100,000 foreigners went to China to study Mandarin in 2006. US was third in nations sending people to Learn Mandarin Chinese in China.
  • Recent Gallup surveys in 13 Asian countries showed some 40 percent expect China to replace the U.S. as the leading superpower within the next 50 years.
  • 51,600 studied Mandarin in the US in 2006.
The article is a good complement to my Why Learn Chinese page. The article has a link to http://www.chinglish.com/, but does not mention Zhongwen which is probably because they had an interview with the owner of Chinglish.com.



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